on the whole way!

“SMEU Astana” ltd. successfully establishes new technology on control of traffic accidents in the market of Kazakhstan. Now 57 (fifty seven) speed and red light violations systems are installed and set into operation produced by leading English supplier in microelectronics and technologies industry, in speed violations control systems - Red Speed International Limited in Astana. speed and red light violations systems are situated in the busiest lines of Astana.

“SMEU Astana” Ltd. Installed and set into operation 80 (eighty) speed and red light violations systems in Kazakhstan in the following cities:

  • Atyrau – 7 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Shymkent– 22 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Kyzylorda – 6 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Pavlodar– 14 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Kostanay– 10 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Uralsk – 6 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Taraz– 4 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Petropavlovsk – 14 speed and red light violations systems;
  • Aktobe– 2 speed and red light violations systems.


violation 1

Speed and red light violations systems are fixed human-free equipment which is installed on a wayside, regulated intersections to control traffic signals and speed limit. System detects speed limit violations when green and yellow signals are on as well as red signal violations. Speed of moving vehicles is measured by Piezo detectors installed on road coating, When a vehicle exceeds permissible speed limit, it takes 3 photo of it, first is enlarged image of vehicle identification number, second one is image of general view showing mark, model, colour of car and violation data. Then system stops for the time proportional to vehicle speed, and takes the 3rd photo, also general view image indicating delay time between shots.

Two last images can be used as proof that car has been driving when recorded by RedSpeed system and include:


  • Identification, name and location of object
  • Date and time
  • No. of row and direction
  • No. of violation and shot
  • Transition time of red light (RedGuard system)
  • Previous time of yellow signal turning on (RedGuard system)
  • Speed (SpeedCurb system)

violation 2
Three types of Speed and
red light violations system image

This data is coded by message authentication codes, then saved to be further sent to host comрuter. Built-in flash module allows working at night and uses three flash lamps. This means that pause between images is less than when using single flash as flash shall not be recharged between pause of taking photos of violators.

Changable operating options:

  • Flash regulation
  • Speed limit
  • Transition time of red light
  • Selection of staff number
  • Statistics – review of traffic use
  • System signalization.


RedGuard ™ - System of red light violation control

State of traffic lights is continuously regulated and their time of switching on is recorded by system. Timer turns on finding red signal. When indication exceeds programed “transition time of red light” it checks whether there are moving vehicles along both road outlines. If any program starts to take photo of violation after which it takes two photos with broad view and one enlarged photo of vehicle.

violation 3

Recording the red light violation


SpeedCurb ™ - Control system of speed violations

Speed of vehicles crossing regulated part of traffic way is measured by Piezo electrical detectors built-in to the surface level of road coating. Our system can also be adapted for use of other detection methods abroad. RedSpeed program continuously controls signals from each speed detector. As soon as synchronizing processor give synchronization readings, they are checked whether they are accurate, serial No. and operation time are converted to speed indicator using saved distance between detectors. If calculated speed exceeds programed limit, vehicle outline shall be regulated while vehicle is crossing it. Besides the outline includes violation control system for taking photo of three images of violating vehicle.

violation 4

Violation recording when exceeding speed limit


Use of digital technology allows collecting and transmitting data across transmission network automatically with minimal delay, as usual during two minutes after violation. Data can be sent to front office on any communication protocol immediately after coding.

  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • ADSL – switching technologies of satellite, fiberscope and SHF transmission.


RedSpeed ™External station

Includes all equipment of RedGuard и SpeedCurb systems. External station RedSpeed includes:

  • Removable hard disk or WORM optical disk (version for foreign states) for saving violations at place (or)
  • Automatic data transmission of violations to Local station for saving on WORM or removable medias (version for United Kingdom)
  • Possible control of violations by means of two separate cameras at one External station (version for foreign states)
  • Automatic recognition of identification number (version for foreign states)
  • Recording of violating in front of and in back of vehicles (version for foreign states)
  • Exclusive equipment for flash providing high-speed shooting of violations
  • Server of violation processing allowing ISDN, PSTN or ADSL -connection for transmission of coded images or data, all transmission commands and changes are coded

Software of RedSpeed local station

RedSpeed ™ Software is designed for use at PC with Windows XP Professional system. It provides with centralised control and system management, and its clear graphic interface allows user being always ready for work. Local station includes the following functions:


  • Automatically extracts image and data on violation from road object and saves them in local database
  • Allows establishing remote communication with object to change work parameters – for example, transition time of red light
  • Allows viewing and printing photographic violations
  • Set-in function of image quality improvement, for example, intensity and contrast
  • Removable hard disk – for example, Iomega Jaz Disk or optical disk
  • Automatic recognition of identification number
  • Enables to search in database – for example, all cases of red signal violations when crossing against red light more than 10 seconds for passed week from all objects
  • “Contact list” allows quick visual review of selected division of database.
  • Prints notification about intention to charge by means of synchronization line with standard packages of text processing
  • Extracts statistical information from objects including:
    • General number of vehicles
    • Number of violations
    • Speed profile (histogram on average speed score of vehicles for the period of time)
    • Profiles of violations (histogram of violations for this period of time)

In this business trend “SMEU Astana” ltd. Actively cooperates with representative of Road Police Office of Department of Internal Affairs of Astana transmitting daily information about violations of moving cars recorded by speedometers on speed limit and red speed violations to server of the RPO of the DIA of Astana. The RPA of the DIA of Astana analyses, archives, stores it and foremost it allows employees of RPA DIA of Astana to penalise violators for speed excess and red signal violations on the basis of received data.

Operative tasks solved by system

  • Decision-making as for violations of road regulations on the basis of:
    • Digital images
    • Speed determination
    • Advanced technology
  • Preventive measures, control and prevention of road accidents in Astana
  • Road safety in Astana
  • Maintains reduction of road accidents
  • Recording and archiving of received information for further processing and use in order to punish violators.

Thus, speedometer is the only witness of road violations and promotes reduction of road violations.