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SMEU Astana Ltd. was established in 2003 and operates in Astana, has branch in Shymkent.

Company`s main activities

1. Installation, assembly, maintenance and operation of traffic control devices;
2. Manufacture and selling of traffic control devices;
3. Construction and repair works, preparation of construction sites and earth surveying works;
4. Video surveillance systems on large and municipal objects;
5. Automatic detection and identification systems of legal number signs (vehicle numbers, documents);
6. Automatic Traffic Control System;
7. Integra KDD traffic violations control system;
8. Supply, assembly and operation of speed violations recording means;
9. Supply of aluminium lighting poles;
10. Assembly of processing equipment, commissioning works;
11. Utility facilities and systems;
12. Assembly of metal constructions;
13. Urban design and planning including development of:

  • Transport schemes of settlement (street and road network and local and foreign vehicles located within settlements) and intersettlement territories (foreign transport object and communications located out of street and road network of settlements;
  • Power supply diagrams of settlements placing production and power transporting objects in urban system, and also power supply of industrial complexes located in intersettlement territories;
  • Schemes of telecommunications for settlements placing infrastructure object and data sources.