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Automatic Vehicle Flows Control System is a set of specialized modern equipment installed at the “Rubezh” road police post and maintaining full automation of registering the pass-by vehicles, check of the registered vehicles in databases of hijacked and stolen transport, of people avoiding to pay penalties for administrative violations within the area of road safety. The procedure of stopping the wanted vehicles is also fully automated.

Main goals of the system:

  • detection of the vehicles passing by and identification of their state license numbers;
  • saving the information on the vehicles passing by at the local database;
  • the ability of convenient reviewing the archive of the vehicles passed by;
  • check of the recognized vehicle numbers in local database Processing Centre of the Road police office of the Department of Internal Affairs to detect people avoiding payment of administrative penalties for violating driving regulations and to take measures set by law;
  • Review of the vehicle checklists, being able to add records relevant for a certain “Rubezh” post only;
  • Automated operation of traffic control means: traffic lights, lifting gates and audio notification devices;
  • Integrating software to the existing system of automated information search of the road police office of the department of internal affairs and to the criminal database of the MoIA of the RoK.