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SMEU Astana ltd supplies, installs, makes commissioning and maintenance of variable message LED displays manufactured by Swarco Futurit company within the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Variable message led displays and signs are effective means of timely informing road users on the traffic status along the route являются эффективным To make rapid reallocation of traffic flows to other free sections of the city network.

Variable message LED displays may inform driver on speed limitation at the certain section of motorway, on traffic status, on accident along the route, on location of significant objects and parkings, on diversion routs and other important information necessary for road users.

The characteristic feature of Swarco Futurit company LED signs is highly contrast visibility at every illumination, which is extremely important for the reasons of traffic safety, either within or outside of the urban settings.

Variable message signs are divided into several types:

  • Dynamic signs with limited set of symbols displayed. They are generally speed limitation signs, warning signs, lane direction signs, reverse traffic lights and others, previously defined by scenarios set for this traffic area.
  • Dynamic full-colour (two-colour) freely programmable signs having unlimited set of symbols displayed. Such screens may display every type of information necessary for road users notwithstanding the set of scenarios.
  • Freely programmable monochromatic or two-colour string text displays solely for text information.
  • Combined displays, consisting of 2 parts: full-colour and text string display for simultaneous indication of text and graphic information.

Variable message LED signs may be produced having different type and size.

Variable message LED sign at the Tengiz RUBEZH post Road Police
Office of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana city



SMEU Astana ltd supplies, installs, makes commissioning and maintenance of variable message prismatic road signs manufactured by SWARCO company.

Prismatic road sign is based on rotating triangular prisms, able to subsequently display three different images in one plane by means of simultaneous rotations.

Variable message prismatic sign is installed separately to a galvanized metal structure or together with traffic information board.

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