on the whole way!

Security facilities at “ZEBRA CROSSING”


SIGNFLASH light emitting diode indicating system

SIGNFLASH system is designed to be installed on the existing “pedestrian crossing” signs in the area of unregulated pedestrian overpass of the traffic way. The system is automatically activated at the moment pedestrians appear in the crossing wait area and works all the time when they are straight at the crossings. Systems operation involves variable flashing of two yellow high intensity light-emitting-diode sources. Indicating light is directed towards moving vehicle, approaching pedestrian crossing, drawing extra attention of drivers to this part of traffic way. Photovoltaic power supply is possible.

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LEVELITE light emitting diode indicating system

LEVELITE indicating system is designed to be installed straight into the roadbed before the pedestrian crossing marking line. The System constitutes high intensity light signaling modules integrated into diode contour under controlled by unit control. The contour can consist of unlimited number of diode modules, provided with the necessary electric power supply. Special construction of light-emitting-diode module case allows to resist heavy stationary and dynamic load, including harvesting equipment. Control unit is powered through power supply line only of ~220V.

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Combination of SIGNFLASH and LEVELITE light emitting diode indicating systems

Utmost safety level at unregulated pedestrian crossings is achieved by the combined use of both light emitting diode indicating systems. In this case two options are possible: related synchronized operation of light-emitting-diode transmitter of SIGNFLASH sign and LEVELITE contour as well as their independent light indications.

Independent connection of two indicating systems


In this case two independent controlling units are necessary, which allow to program the work of each system separately.

Advantages of such independent control are the following:

- independent adjustment of radiant power of light-emitting diodes for two indicating systems;
- independent adjustment of indication frequency of two systems;

- possible constant indication of LEVELITE system regardless of SIGNFLASH system operation.

Important: ~220V source is necessary!

Coordinated control of two indicating systems


In this case LEVELITE indicating system is directly connected to the control unit of SIGNFLASH system. Thus, light indication is initialized synchronously, if only detector showing pedestrian in the area is actuated. Blink rates of both systems coincide. Both photovoltaic power supply and power-line supply ~ 220V are possible.