on the whole way!


Manufacturing and maintenance of traffic control devices, introducing intellectual safety systems, intellectual transport systems learning and applying new technologies to provide efficiency, increase traffic safety level, traffic capacity and ensure preventive measures.


Forming and developing of building and traffic control devices infrastructure, intellectual transport systems, intellectual safety systems on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan using modern information technologies, progressive management and effective organization of manufacture and control.


Market goals:
Continuous support and enhancement of company reputation as reliable Supplier of goods and contractor, corresponding to the requirements and wishes of Customer and Consumer.

Production goals:
Timely and qualitative performance of works on implementation and maintenance of projects.

Organizational goals:
Public recognition of company’s activity on quality improvement of products and works. Development of new directions of company’s activity in all regions of Kazakhstan.

Financial goals:
Increase of work scopes and maximum profit.

Quality goals:
Constant support and improvement of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and SS RK ISO 9001:2009.


Guided by individual demands of customers, the company improves the quality of products and services by using new technologies and optimization of manufacturing processes.

The company is able to create value by optimization of costs and resources and by means of flexibility and speed of mutual response to changes of factors influencing quality management system.

Mutually advantageous cooperation of the company and suppliers in order to achieve customer’s satisfaction is the main value of long-term mutual activity.

Compliance of manufactured products and rendered services with the requirements of effective Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2008 and SS RK ISO 9001:2009, and support and constant improvement of this system.

Top management acting as a guarantor of Quality Police implementation undertakes to:

Act in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and SS RK ISO 9001:2009 with constant increasing of results and effectiveness of Quality Management System.

Take all necessary measures to provide with understanding and implementation of Quality Policy at all levels involving whole staff to ensure and improve quality of manufactured products/services.

This policy is aimed at integrating efforts of whole company staff in order to achieve Quality goals as a base of market conditions.