on the whole way!

The Intellectual traffic control system constitutes specially configured software of leading ITS manufacturer - Swarco Inc. company and related complex of high-technology equipment for the traffic management and control.

Primary purpose of the system:

1. Optimization of traffic at regulated traffic light sets to reduce transport delays;
2. Reduction of time for a trip;
3. Increase in public transport working speed.

Soft- and hardware includes the following subsystems: centralized traffic control, system of video surveillance and traffic situation control, variable message sign management. Management subsystems for the car parking, public transport, including provision of LRT and BRT intersection priority, passenger informing are planned to be additionally implemented in the long term.

The whole system operation is based on collection and analysis of the current detector data, data collected earlier in service and navigation equipment data of public transport, if its priority program is used. All information enters the Traffic Control Center (TCC), wherefrom the coordinated control of the whole road traffic in the city is implemented.

Specially configured software coordinates the work of road controllers managing traffic light sets and allows to control traffic both in adaptive mode and in the mode of coordination plan choice.


Radar traffic detector WAVETRONIX

TrafiCam x-stream vert front

Traffic video detector FLIR

The Intelligent traffic control system uses data, constantly incoming from traffic detectors and makes necessary online computation. Thus, the system solves the global problem of traffic optimization, responding to the current traffic situation. At the local level of individual traffic light set, the system constantly adjusts the elaborated TCC control strategy on the basis of the current information constantly updated on this and surrounding sets, that is adapts to the current traffic situation.

Example of Traffic Control Center organization