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“SMEU Astana” ltd. integrated and has been successfully using the “Integra-KDD” unique traffic control and violations recording system. Installed in all the major intersections of the capital, the system transmits all information on each vehicle crossing the road junction to the Operational Control Centre, where it processes automatic real-time search of vehicles in police data bases in order to make effective control and tracing.

All the detected violations are sent to be processed in the Processing Centre of the Road police office of the Department of Internal Affairs, and to make its further delivery to the violator’s home address.

The implementation of Integra KDD has increased the traffic safety in the major road junctions as the System can in automatic mode without human presence solve and record such dangerous violations as:

  • red signal violation, red signal stop line crossing;
  • crossing or following at the solid line, contra-flow lane crossing;
  • detection of parking (stop) violation, not meeting the requirements set by road signs or road marking;
  • railway crossing violation;
  • detection of the vehicles passing by and identification of their state license numbers;
  • saving the information on the vehicles passing by at the local database;
  • the ability of convenient reviewing the archive of the vehicles passed by;
  • check of the recognized vehicle numbers in local database of the Processing Centre of the Road police office of the Department of Internal Affairs to detect people avoiding payment of administrative penalties for violating driving regulations and to take measures set by law;
  • speed infringement detection (optional).

SMEU Astana ltd has installed “Integra-KDD” traffic control and violations recording system in Shymkent and makes maintenance operations.

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