on the whole way!


To Independence Day

By the 21st anniversary of independence of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan,our colleagues Abza lSeksenov, Pavel Kotvinskiy and Dauren Dosmaganbetov were distinguished and congratulated with letters of appreciation for personal contribution to development of our city!

Weare proudo four colleagues, who serve honourably the cause of our state.

Women's Day

Modern celebration of the Women's Day, March 8, is not intended for confirmation of equality, but considered as day of spring, women beauty, tenderness, mental wisdom and attention to women, regardless of their status and age.


Team of the company – active, courageous employees, who are interested in contests, sport and healthy competition, spent leisure time in June 2018, having combined it with sport teambuilding in recreational zone “Kulager”.

15 years of the company

Our company celebrated 15th anniversary on December 19, 2018. Birth day of the Company is one of the holidays, which is distinctive feature of each company, for example, as calendar professional day. Our company successfully works in the area of the city security provision for many years, maintaining and building road traffic control means.

Intelligent Transportation System

April 30, 2014 "SMEU Astana" has successfully launched a pilot project "Intelligent Transportation System." The pilot zone covers 42 signal traffic lights in Astana.