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“SMEU Astana” ltd. has been providing construction, installation and maintenance of traffic light sets in Astana since 2003.

FUTURLED-3 LED traffic signal heads are used at crossings of the city, providing high luminous intensity and having low energy consumption as compared to traffic signal heads with usual light bulbs.

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Owing to symmetric structure of casing, sections in traffic lights can be placed vertically or horizontally, in combination with any quantity of point indicators.

SvetoforTraffic light sections may be equipped with matrixes of several types, different in technical characteristics and cost. Moreover, specifically developed optical system provides homogeneous light supply, reduction of artificial light, stable light and harmonization with already existing types of optical glass.

ShkafIntegrated traffic controllers provide automatic or manual control of traffic light, both at local crossings and crossings within the system of central coordinated traffic control system.

SCAE 4040 traffic controllers used in Astana are integrated with industrial computer controlling the crossing and provide necessary operating mode of traffic light set for the remote control on signal of the Automatic traffic control system operator.

Countdown displays indicating time left for traffic lights signal glowing are installed at regulated crossings of the city to ensure and improve traffic safety. The display can be used both to indicate time left for traffic lights green signal glowing and to indicate time left for traffic lights red signal glowing.

Ortana-1   Swarco-countdown   Ortana-2

Traffic signal heads, countdown display, road signs are installed on aluminium poles covered with anodized layer.

Aluminium poles are divided into the following types:

1. Traffic light L-shaped console. The pole consists of tapered direct part Ø225 in diameter and cone arched console. The console is 7 m high.
2. Vehicle support, 5 m high, to set up vehicle signal heads.
3. Pedestrian support, 4 m high, to set up pedestrian signal heads and countdown display.


Aluminium poles used in traffic light sets as compared to usual steel poles have such advantages like continuous exploitation, easy setup, aesthetic appearance and anticorrosion protection, passive safety for the road users.

When hitting on aluminium pole, a car will move with the same or less speed, excluding consequences of collision with pole heavy for a driver and passengers.

Video, infrared and loop detectors are installed on traffic light sets to determine transport vehicles, enabling increase in traffic flow speed.

All equipment installed on traffic light sets is certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan and adapted for the exploitation in severe weather conditions with temperature from – 45 to + 60.